Meet Vicki Haines

As a TV broadcast professional with over 30 years of technical and international experience in the TV broadcast industry, I am also an adventurer whose love for life defines who I am, both personally and professionally.

In 2020, I experienced the loss of both my parents within three weeks of each other.

The enduring love story of my parents, Milton and Joy, began with a whirlwind romance that led to their union after just 4 weeks of knowing each other and led to 67 years of marriage.

After Dad’s passing, I spent time with mum as her caregiver, drawing strength from their shared memories and the diary recounting their 1997 trip around Australia. In fulfilling a promise made to Mum, in 2021 I embarked on a journey to take them both back around Australia, setting off on my motorbike, Mijoy, on the same day they did, 25 years later.

Now, I’m embarking on an even greater adventure – a solo riding journey across the globe, navigating grief, and embracing the beauty of ageing while recovering from loss.

As I travel through three continents – Oceania, Asia, and Europe on my faithful companion, Mijoy (Milton and Joy) HONDA CB500X, I’ll cross into 34 countries along the way.

When I completed a similar ride in 2021 around Australia following my mum’s personal diary, I covered 36,000 km in 200 days, giving me the experience and resilience needed for such an adventure.

During MiJoy Ride Around the World I’ll be fundraising for a local charity very dear to my heart, the Yacaaba Centre. I was suffering a lot of depression when the Yacaaba Centre called me, offering me an opportunity to go in and get some free counselling.

I received valuable mental health assistance, support and technical knowledge about how to deal with grief. They literally helped save my life after my parents died.

MiJoy Ride Around the World is more than just a fundraising ride; it’s a quest for healing and growth.

I invite you to be part of this extraordinary journey.


MiJoy Ride – Around Oz

MiJoy Ride – Good Grief


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