Vicki Haines’ Motor Cycle Challenge – Singapore to UK via The Silk Road

Join Vicki Haines on an extraordinary adventure as she embarks on a daring motorcycle journey across three continents to reach London. But this isn’t just about covering miles; it’s a deeply personal quest fuelled by a cause close to her heart. After experiencing profound loss with the passing of both her parents, Vicki found solace and support at the Yacaaba Centre. Now, she’s giving back by raising crucial funds for this vital organization.

Vicki will set off from the bustling streets of Singapore, on her motorbike, Mijoy (named in honour of her parents, Milton and Joy)  to the ancient pathways of the Silk Road, Vicki’s route weaves through Asia and China, promising breathtaking landscapes and thrilling challenges at every turn. As she navigates through unknown terrain and faces the unpredictable, Vicki’s determination and resilience shine bright.

Join us in following Vicki’s journey, and if you’re inspired to support her cause, click the link below to contribute to her mission of making a difference.